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Floatplane Training

News update:

You can get your Seaplane Endorsement or Advanced Floatplane Training ALL YEAR ROUND with Pat Bay Air. You will be flying all around the spectacular Gulf Islands!

Pat Bay Air offers floatplane training in Beautiful Victoria, BC

- the perfect environment for to get your float rating – offering ocean, lakes, and river environments – not to mention spectacular scenery. With a mild year round climate you can get your seaplane endorsement any time of the year. You will be flying in class C, D, E and G airspace, with many other floatplanes in the area as well. You will see and learn what real commercial floatplane operations are all about, because here it’s a way of life.

What our clients say…

I always wanted to fly a seaplane, but it was always one of those things that I never got around to.  When I finally decided to complete my float rating, finding the right people was my top priority, and Pat Bay Air became my training solution.

The seaplane world was a new and exciting environment for me, and both Tim and Shawn made my transition both safe and fun.  Their training syllabus was well laid out and their briefings and in-flight instruction were both thorough and comprehensive.  With Tim, Shawn, and Gavins’ extensive backgrounds in commercial seaplane operations and seaplane training, coupled with tiptop maintenance by company AME Colin, It’s their ‘team’ approach that makes Pat Bay Air a success.

You will have no regrets making Pat Bay Air your Seaplane Rating provider.

Graham Palmer
Chief Flying Instructor
Victoria Flying Club

Students are taught by professional, career floatplane pilots in the varied conditions of the Gulf Islands area. Training is conducted on the powerful Cessna 185. This challenging and fast floatplane will enable an easy transition to other types of floatplanes and if you are a commercial pilot, this is the very type of floatplane so many commercial operators use. And that’s what we are all about at Pat Bay Air Floatplane Training – we train pilots to fly floatplanes beyond the minimum requirements of the seaplane endorsement.

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Seaplane Introduction Flight

Seaplane Endorsement

Advanced Training Package

Minimum requirements are to hold at least a valid Canadian Private Pilot Licence and Medical Certificate. Foreign pilots with a valid ICAO licence and valid medical certificate may obtain a Limited Term Pilot Licence (LTPL) from Transport Canada for the purposes of flight training in Canada. This LTPL must be applied for in person and is often issued within an hour. It is a simple form, and no tests are involved. The cost is currently $40.00. There is a local Transport Canada office at Victoria International Airport near to our base. We can usually assist the foreign pilot in applying for this LTPL.

For the visiting pilot, the town of Sidney, adjacent to Victoria Airport, has many choices of accommodation. We would be happy to help make arrangements.